If you truly want to know how you’re doing as a leader, you should probably get some insight from those who work directly with you. It makes all the sense in the world, yet ironically too many leaders overlook this important step in their desire to become better at what they do. Follow our tips below and learn how getting feedback can improve your skills.


  • What is feedback?

Here we consider feedback as constructive criticism or helpful information given from one person to another in order to help improve their performance and behaviors. Look at it as an informational exchange based on expected and exhibited performances. It’s not only someone telling you how you might improve; it also involves your reaction to said information.


Why do you need feedback? How does it help?

  • It happens constantly. Aside from formal evaluations, either paper, computer, or in person, every exchange with a customer, colleague, client, or vendor gives feedback. Make sure that, as a leader, you pay attention to it.


  • It requires proper listening. To that end, the person giving it should clearly understand why they’re giving it, that the message has been received, and how you will use it to move forward.


  • It allows constant learning. The only way you won’t change as a leader is if you stand still, not allowing yourself to grow. Putting the time in to discover how working with your company affects others will allow for continued learning as you get regular feedback. This in turn will allow you to examine how you lead and whether you need to make changes to improve strategies, products, and relationships.


  • It’s motivating. And not just for you: Asking for feedback can encourage employees to improve their own performance. It makes them feel valued and want to be a part of company decisions. Doing this can also improve overall working relationships.


  • It can improve performance. The best kind of feedback isn’t simply negative criticism; it’s constructive and works best at helping others to enhance their own performance.


Find out from your team just how well you’re doing and where you can improve, as this makes for an influential and respected leader. For more advice on how to do this, work with the experts at PrideStaff.


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