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Sometimes the best employee is the one you already know. Consider this: Quite a few companies prefer to promote from within because they already have a good feel for the candidate. Instead of going straight for the whole hiring process with all its time, energy, and cost, look first at who you might promote from your own staff. But before making that decision, look for these particular skills:


  • Self-management

You want to have someone who can manage themselves to a certain degree, who doesn’t need someone to constantly guide them. In the often fast-paced world of business, change can come quickly, and you want to promote someone who can readjust and prioritize, as well as the ability to organize, focus, and manage all details as needed.


  • Desire to Learn

Any quality employee should have the desire and agility to want to learn new ideas and have the interest in learning more about new ideas and ways of working. Technology makes advances all the time, competition creates disruption to stay ahead, and new ideas win the day. Therefore, you want to promote someone who has a curiosity to learn more and help advance your goals.


  • Courage

Within a business atmosphere, this trait often includes initiative to stand up and speak out about an idea that may not have everyone’s support … yet pushing that idea anyway if they feel it will improve the company. You also want to promote an inside employee who has demonstrated the courage to take calculated risks.


  • Self-care

This may sound counter-intuitive, but you want to promote an employee who knows how to maintain a proper work-life balance, one who won’t allow themselves to be worn down or burnt out by their job. And while each person’s balance may differ, once finding it, they know how to make the most of each work day. You want to promote someone who has figured out that balance for themselves.


Hiring from within may well give you your next best employee. When looking for that person outside of your own business, work with PrideStaff.


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