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It seems like a wonderful problem to have: You have two fantastic candidates for one position. They both seem like they would fit, both have the star qualities you want. So how do you choose one over the other? And how do you make the “right” choice? Instead of going with your gut, the better approach involves doing some serious examining of the finer points of each.

  • Cultural fit.

You do have to exercise caution in choosing a candidate on fitting in with the rest of the group in terms of conformity. Yet how a candidate will connect with the clients and the rest of the team does affect the overall success of the hire. Look at each candidate and see which one will fit better in the day-to-day run of things. Which candidate will align better with your company culture and add to it?

  • Skills for certain needs.

Let’s say you have two candidates whose qualifications fit your job descriptions perfectly. The fact remains that you will have specific needs you want to prioritize–so which one can best attend to them? When caught in this situation, evaluate carefully for certain “nice-to-have” skills (determined by your specific needs in that position). If one has them and the other doesn’t, you’ve made your choice. You also want to determine which candidate has better growth potential within the company.

  • When in doubt, don’t choose.

You may even have the chance to get the best of both worlds: hiring both. Depending on your company’s needs and budget, look to see if you can find places for both candidates. The hard fact is that it’s not easy to find good people. So if you have the means and the opportunity, bring on both candidates. If you have to choose, make sure to let the other person down respectfully. Check in with them via LinkedIn on their career every so often and send along information about the company. You never know when a new opportunity with a better fit might come along.


Choosing between two star candidates isn’t easy, but careful examination for certain traits can help. To find your next star, work with the experts at PrideStaff.


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