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What happens when you as the team leader, the primary motivator, find yourself feeling unexcited and uninspired about the very job you’re supposed to get others motivated to do? A few tips and tricks about how to keep your own spirits up will help you do the same for others.

  • Show that positive attitude.

Let’s face it: Sometimes you have to “fake it ‘til you make it”. But when you use that to encourage your team with positivity, you will get them motivated – and then their enthusiasm will rebound onto you.

  • Break it down.

We all know that a huge task can seem insurmountable. But if you break it up into smaller, more manageable chunks, you’ll allow your team and yourself to tackle it in stages, possibly even having mini-celebrations as you do so. It’s like the old adage of asking how you eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

  • Consider your effect on others.

Lost your motivation? Try to remember what impact your work has on others. If you don’t feel like doing your job for yourself, refocus on someone else: The people benefiting from it. You may also want to think about the fact that your employees take their cues from you, and positively motivated employees get more done and feel more satisfied. Either way, it’ll get you more excited about doing your own job.

  • Get uncomfortable.

If you’re feeling unchallenged or useless in your job, maybe you need to find a new way to do something that revitalizes you and gets you thinking. Push yourself to try something that might have scared you before – that’s often when you have your best breakthroughs. Encourage your employees to do this as well and see what they come up with.

  • Reap the rewards.

As stated above, a small reward for a job well done can go a long way, both for yourself and your employees. It gives all of you something to look forward to, which, frankly, motivates just about anybody. So whether you reward yourself with something from your Amazon wish list once you finish that massive project or treat your employees to lunch for their efforts, use those rewards to inspire.

  • Be grateful.

The power of the words “thank you” cannot be understated. Maybe an employee pointed out a flaw in a PowerPoint presentation or stepped in when someone else was out sick – no matter the size of the gesture, your response should be one of gratitude for the help. That recognition fires people up and makes them feel appreciated.


We all have points in our careers where we feel a little uninspired. Use these tips to help find your motivation and get others going as well. To find your next motivated hire, work with PrideStaff.


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