If you want to make employees feel appreciated, you don’t necessarily need to go for grand gestures, but you probably want to go beyond a simply stated, “Great job!”. It’s the little gestures that go the longest way. So here are five suggestions to make your employees see your gratitude.

  1. Small wins

Too often we focus on only the big “gets”, the finished projects, the newly landed client. But it’s all the work that goes before which makes those big wins possible. Make sure to celebrate the small wins, too. Make the recognition small as well – but significant. For example, if you’re trying to get that new client and your employee gets a meeting, acknowledge it either in person, at the next staff meeting, or in a company-wide email. It makes employees feel appreciated for all the work they put in, not just the end game.

  1. Treats at end of month/quarter

These two periods of time usually come with a bit (or a lot) more stress due to monthly or quarterly deadlines. Thus, having a little free food such as a lunch or a sweet treat again tells your employees you feel grateful for their hard work – thus encouraging them to continue their efforts in the future.

  1. Flexible schedules

If you really want to make your employees feel valued and appreciated, consider adding in the opportunity for flexible scheduling. This will show them every day that not only do you appreciate them at the office, you recognize they also have a life outside of it, and you’re willing to let their working schedules reflect that. Let them know that if they meet their deadlines, they don’t have to clock the usual 40 hours at a desk. This also creates a sense of trust between employer and employee.

  1. Health

Often employees put exercise and good eating on the back burner in order to focus on their work lives and home lives. Yet both of those “extra” allow them to stay healthy and focused, as well as manage stress. This will, in turn, promote a stronger, healthier office culture. So, if possible, take steps (pun intended) to help them: Offer healthy snacks or employee-based fitness classes that require little to no money. This shows you care about their well-being.

  1. Ask them!

If, after these suggestions, you still feel unsure of what to do, go to the source: Ask your employees how you can best show them your gratitude. Let employees vote on options that won’t break the budget. As part of the survey, ask open-ended questions that allow for honest input as to changes they would like to see in order to make it a friendlier working culture. And giving them a voice once again shows you value and trust them.

Remember: The main goal of recognizing employee efforts should go beyond increasing productivity; you want them to know you value them, just as you would do for your clients. For suggestions on your next great employee, work with PrideStaff.


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