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A phone interview seems like far less stress than an in-person one – you don’t have to look your best, you can fidget and not appear nervous, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Yet there are a few caveats to consider when interviewing on the phone to make it all go as smoothly as possible.

  • No multitasking.

Usually when you’re on the phone, you’re also doing something else: folding laundry, checking social media, etc. Do not do any of that while interviewing. The interviewer can tell (and hear) when you divide your attention, so stay focused.

  • Don’t be late.

This is true for any interview, whether on the phone or in person. Take a phone interview as seriously as any other and make sure you’re ready to make and take the call. Especially if you’re the one calling in, make sure to call right at the specified time – it shows you are detail-oriented.

  • Don’t assume good reception.

Plan to take the call in a place you know you won’t have trouble on either end – test it ahead of time to make sure nobody has to repeat themselves or get cut off.

  • Never put the interviewer on hold.

When speaking to an interviewer, that person is the most important call. The only time you would leave the call is for an urgent family situation, in which case you should relay that immediately in the interview and give the interviewer the option to reschedule the call.

  • Do not take the call somewhere noisy.

This indicates poor planning on your part, as well as lack of attention to detail and consideration for the other person. To show you take this phone interview seriously, find a quiet place where nobody will disturb you. If that means taking the call in your car (not on speaker – harder to hear), do it.

  • Never interrupt the interviewer.

When talking on the phone, we can’t see physical cues and may be nervous and excited. Don’t let this allow you to talk over the interviewer. Even if you know what they’re about to say, let them finish their sentence, wait a beat, and then calmly respond. Otherwise you come off seeming aggressive rather than assertive.

  • Avoid filler words.

We may say “um” or “like” in person, but that becomes even more noticeable on the phone. The interviewer only has your voice to focus on, so make it as smooth and filler-free as possible.

A good phone interview will get you to the person-to-person one. Do your best to follow this list for your best first impression. For more interview advice, contact the experts at PrideStaff!


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