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Change always brings with it a host of emotions, ranging from excitement to fear and everything in between. Guiding your employees through new changes will help them better acclimate and make for a smoother transition overall.

  1. Make it clear.

Good management in the face of a major change will make all of the difference. You need to have a clear idea of what your end game is and how to get there, and you need to make that obvious to the team. This sort of growth mindset helps your employees (and clients) become adaptable to the change because it’s systematic.

  1. Involve employees.

If you make priorities well understood at each stage by listening to their concerns and responding, you will keep up both morale and productivity. You put the scaffolding in place to let them make the necessary changes with all possible information, then stand back and let them take the reins.

  1. Give them some power.

Along with listening to concerns, give them a voice in making decisions. After all, many of these changes will directly affect them, and

  1. Utilize your talent.

Along with designing the scaffolding, give your team opportunities with a new change to give them opportunities to shine and grow. Emphasize that change will accomplish this.

  1. Keep the forward momentum.

If you want to keep your employees interested in the change, you need to give them some of your own enthusiasm to get them interested. You may need to repeat the reason for the changes and why they’ll be helpful for the company, as well as how and why everything will be accomplished. It all goes back to communication: Once you get them hooked, employees will more willingly follow along with the new plan.

  1. Share successes.

Make it obvious to your employees that their successes are important, and you will do what you can to help them get there. And sharing successes brings everyone together.


Company changes don’t have to mean stress and uncertainty. For more help on building a great team and coaching them though organizational change, contact the recruiting experts at PrideStaff.


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