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If you want to start the new year off in the best possible way, go straight to the source: your employees. After all, they are on the front lines and can sometimes see problems and solutions you might not. So how can you get feedback that will help you get you going in 2019, read on.

  • Why It’s Important

Think of any product you’ve bought that has reviews. Many of us will look at both the positive and the negative to get a balanced idea of the product. If you want to run the best company possible, going to those who “use” it most will get you the most thorough feedback. You can see what’s working well and what’s not, ask questions about both, and make appropriate changes to improve. Plus, if employees feel truly listened to and have their voices taken into account, it significantly boosts morale and makes them feel more invested in the company. 

  • Asking for Feedback Online

When asking employees to leave feedback on websites such as Glassdoor, make sure you target it properly. For example, give new hires a positive onboarding process and then, after 90 days, ask them to review their experience thus far. But don’t focus only on them; you want to invite all employees to leave feedback at least once a year on Glassdoor and have them update it once a year so it stays fresh. Asking all levels of employees gives a depth of understanding to potential hires. 

  • How it Helps

Asking employees to leave feedback allows you to streamline your hiring process in that it brings in those who are truly interested and qualified because you’ve made it clear what your company has to offer. It also shows your current employees that you care about their experience and want to make it positive enough to share – and that you aren’t afraid of knowing what needs to improve or change. This sort of transparency helps foster trust among employees and employers.

Looking to Add to Your Talented Team?

While we all feel a little wary of feedback, it can help us improve, so start off the year the right way by getting the inside scoop from those who know best. For finding your next great hire, go to those who know hiring best: PrideStaff.


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