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Achieving the professional picture you have in mind requires intention. The most successful people don’t “go with the flow” – they develop strategic plans to get them to where they want to be. If you don’t prioritize your goals, the risk of complacency or getting caught up in the short term day-to-day can halt your progress. Reset your professional goals for a successful 2019 with these tips:

  • Be Specific and Detailed

Clarity is crucial if you want to make any progress on your goals. As you reset your professional goals for 2019, be as specific and detailed as possible about what you want to accomplish. Vague or open-ended goals can make it difficult to get started or stay motivated.

  • Break Them Down

Remind yourself: all large goals are just a series of smaller ones. Make your goals for 2019 more achievable by breaking each of your main goals down into the smaller steps needed to fulfill them. By breaking down your goals into sub-goals, you’ve practically developed a step-by-step plan to follow.

  • Establish Time Frames

Without deadlines, it can be unfortunately too easy to push your goals aside. Maintain your momentum and keep yourself accountable by establishing time frames for each of your goals. This will help to better keep you on task and prevent procrastination than if you left everything open-ended.

  • Document Your Goals

Once you have solidified your goal planning, make it official by recording it. Whether a simple word processor document, notepad, or vision board, having your goals physically recorded and documented makes them seem more real. You’ll have it to use as reference, plus it can reinvigorate your motivation by re-reading it when you’re struggling.

  • Develop a Routine

Successful people don’t rely on motivation to work toward their goals because they know if they only do it when they “feel like it”, they’ll lose valuable time and progress. Stay consistent with your goals by developing a routine, such as certain tasks on specific days of the week or setting aside an hour a day for goal-related action.

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