While it wasn’t that long ago that hiring managers were dealing with the “problem” of having an excessive amount of qualified (or even overqualified) candidates apply for their job postings, the job market has changed. The national unemployment rate has reached a 17-year low, and Akron’s unemployment rate is holding steady at approximately 4.3%, according to October 2018 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With fewer active job seekers, recruitment and hiring strategies need to be adjusted – here’s how to find top talent in Akron, even during this time of low unemployment:

  • Build a Compelling Brand

Focus on showing what makes your company different and why candidates should want to work there. Determine what your employer brand consists of, such as supportive culture, opportunities for advancement, or great benefits. Utilize every opportunity to convey your brand, such as on your website, social media profiles, and job postings.

  • Clarify Your Needs

When dealing with low unemployment rates, you have to be strategic in order to attract a sufficient number of qualified candidates. To increase your chances of success, clarify your needs so you can develop a well-informed plan. Determine what qualifications and traits are most important for candidates in the specific role. This will give you criteria on which to focus your recruitment and evaluation process.

  • Extend Your Reach

In a low unemployment job market, attracting candidates isn’t as simple as posting an opening on your website or a general job board. Extend your reach in order to find qualified candidates, both active and passive. Try different recruitment methods, such as niche industry boards, working with a staffing firm, referrals from current employees, and social media.

  • Focus on Applicant Experience

Take a look at the applicant experience – is your application easy to fill out and not too long? Do you require a lot of upfront supplemental work, such as a special assignment or test? Once you’ve attracted candidates enough to get them to apply, don’t risk losing them because of a tedious application process.

  • Offer Compelling Benefits

Top talent will likely have their pick of offers from competitors, so avoid losing them in the final stages by offering a compelling benefits package. Market value salary is obviously essential, but it’s not necessarily a lost cause if you have a limited budget. Candidates find value in other non-monetary perks, such as flexibility, options for remote work, and generous time off.

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