Hiring managers and recruiters each have a defined set of skills that, when combined effectively, will result in attracting the most qualified candidates and making optimal hiring decisions. However, with different skill sets also comes differing perspectives, insights, and goals that can cause challenges in forming and maintaining a productive professional relationship unless proactively addressed. Learn more about how hiring managers and recruiters can work together to find the best talent:

  • Establish Upfront Expectations

It’s crucial for hiring managers and recruiters to be on the same page in terms of what they expect from one another and not make any assumptions. Avoid disappointment and frustration in the process or outcome by having an open discussion. Both sides can ask questions as well as establish their roles, the exact process, timeframes, and any other details.

  • Collaborate to Clarify Candidate Profile

To increase the likelihood of recruiters being able to attract the right candidates, hiring managers should team up with recruiters to clarify the specifics that make someone the ideal candidate. Developing a candidate profile, including necessary qualifications and personality traits, allows recruiters the opportunity to be more focused and strategic in their assessment of potential candidates that will be the optimal fit for hiring managers.

  • Develop an Efficient Process

The relationship between hiring managers and recruiters can break down if the process is disorganized or too time-consuming. This is often the result of not setting up the steps and timeline ahead of time. Work together to outline the key phases, deadlines, necessary follow up actions, etc., to prevent stalling the process and potentially losing out on top talent.

  • Communicate Regularly and Openly

The key to any successful professional relationship is consistent and direct communication. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, give quick updates, or offer constructive feedback. The communication shouldn’t stop between recruitment needs – touch base every so often to maintain the connection and let them know of any potential upcoming hiring needs or overall personnel changes in your workplace.

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