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It is a competitive time for employers to get the attention of top prospects. With the job market favoring workers, it can be difficult to stand out and prevent losing their interest. That’s why it’s more important than ever to strategically plan your hiring process to not only attract talent, but maintain their motivation to consider your company. Here are three ways to keep your best applicants interested:

  1. Prioritize the Candidate Experience

If you want to be able to maintain a positive relationship with applicants, consider how your current hiring process may be like from their perspective. Candidates can feel really excited about the prospect of working for a company, only to be turned off by a negative overall experience. Some common causes of a negative candidate experience include: not being responsive or providing updates, expecting too much of their time, and simply seeming to lack respect for them. Ensure you are communicative and keep them in the loop, streamline your application and interview process, and be as professional and courteous as possible.

  1. Focus on Branding

Top talent can afford to be picky and don’t feel the need to just take any job offer. Since they can afford to be selective, these candidates generally want to work at interesting companies with robust cultures and clearly defined values. Maintain the interest of applicants by focusing on your employer brand. Clarify your organization’s key traits, and then take every opportunity to market your brand, including during your one-on-one interactions with prospects, as well as your website, social media, and other platforms.

  1. Stay in Touch

Once you opt to hire one candidate, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance at ever being able to bring on the still very qualified runners up. Maintain the connection by making a point to stay in touch. Exchange contact information, and/or connect on LinkedIn. When you have openings, you’ll already have these prospects in the pipeline.

Need Help With Your Hiring?

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