Getting a warning at work from your superior is something to be taken seriously. But just because it is a big deal, doesn’t mean you have to give in to anxiety and fear. The way you handle the situation can help you turn it around and move forward, leaving you empowered rather than feeling hopeless. Learn more about the next steps to take if you get a warning at work:


  • Keep Your Cool

As difficult as it may be, try to keep your cool as much as possible when you receive the news. Don’t immediately start defending yourself – take a deep breath and try to keep your reaction to yourself to prevent an emotional outburst you may end up regretting.


  • Pay Careful Attention

Whether the warning is delivered verbally or in writing, pay careful attention so you feel confident you clearly understand the message. This will help you approach the aftermath with a fresh mindset, rather than ruminating on the possibility that you misunderstood.


  • Request Clear Next Steps

Ensure you completely understand what expectations will need to be met as part of the warning. Don’t walk away without having a clear set of next steps from your boss. You need to be confident on what exactly they will need to see from you to determine the long term outcome of the warning.


  • Self-Reflect

Once you’ve had time to let the news sink in, take some time on your own to self-reflect. Try to be as objective as possible – does your manager have a point? Are there behaviors you need to improve? Why did you choose to act that way? Get to the root of the issue so you can take control and move forward.


  • Create a Plan

Take everything you learned from your boss’s feedback in the warning itself and your own self-reflection and determine the best course of action for improvement. Carefully consider each area that needs improvement, along with what specific plan of action you can take to fix it. Use this information to set detailed and time-sensitive goals.


  • Begin a New Job Search

Unfortunately, official warnings are often a sign of the beginning of the end. Even if that is not the case and you end up improving in a way that is satisfactory to your boss, it can make you feel more empowered if you begin the search for a new job. Knowing that you’re taking charge and not just waiting around for potential bad news can give you confidence and reduce your stress since you won’t be blindsided if the worst case scenario occurs. You may even find a job that’s a better fit!


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