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Making the best hires requires limiting the need for subjective judgment calls and relying on objective evaluation methods. Often candidates who give great interviews and seem more than qualified end up falling short and catching hiring managers by surprise. Working with a staffing agency to perform pre-employment assessments can ensure candidates truly have the skills and traits necessary to succeed if hired. Learn more about the benefits of pre-employment assessment:


  • Streamlines Hiring Process

When you post a job opening, you may receive a great deal of applications – but even after filtering through the completely unqualified ones, you may still have many applications to consider. By working with a staffing firm to perform pre-employment assessments, you will only be provided the candidates who have the right qualifications and have passed the assessments. This saves you a significant amount of time and streamlines the hiring process.


  • Showcases Technical Skills

Pre-employment assessments can serve as a way to preview prospective candidates’ technical skills in a risk-free way, rather than hiring them only to learn after that they aren’t as skilled as they claim. You can utilize a basic skills assessment that relates to the specific job, which can measure how much they truly know about the most crucial aspects of the role.


  • Predicts Success at Key Job Functions

There is more to a candidate being a successful hire than possessing technical skills. While most skills can be taught, their attitude, temperament, integrity, and personality traits cannot – and they are often the most influential factors in success at jobs. By performing pre-employment assessments to measure those necessary traits, you can be more confident that you’re only pursuing candidates who have the total package.


  • Increases Likelihood of Retention

Turnover is among the costliest and most preventable employment expenses. Making a bad hire requires starting the hiring process over again to find a replacement, while you lose out on productivity in the meantime. If you want to hire employees who are less likely to turn over, pre-employment assessments can help ensure you are making the most informed hiring decisions possible to increase retention.


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