Cultivating a sense of loyalty from your employees can increase productivity, engagement, and retention, which all benefit your company’s bottom line. However, many employees, even top performers, simply do not feel a deep commitment to their employers. Common reasons employees feel disconnected from their employers include: feeling like the company sees them as disposable, not being recognized for their contributions, and feeling like their work lacks purpose. Fortunately, improving loyalty is in your hands – make your employees more loyal by implementing these subtle methods:

  • Create a Values-Based Mission

If you want your employees to feel loyal to you, start by giving them something worthwhile of commitment. Create a values-based mission for the company, so your employees have a reason to want to stay and something to keep working toward. Once you’ve clarified the values and mission of your company, communicate it them as you assign work, discuss outcomes, and recognize their efforts.

  • Give Them a Voice

Your employees are more likely to feel loyalty toward your company if, in turn, they feel its leadership cares about what they have to say. Ensure they feel like you value their opinions by giving them a voice. Ask their opinions, keep them in the loop when discussing company news, and be an active listener when they come to you.

  • Allow Them to Be Accountable

It’s difficult for employees to feel invested in their work if they are simply following orders and not having any input. Allow them to be accountable by giving them tasks or projects, and then stepping back. They can make their own decisions and judgment calls, while being responsible for the results. It then becomes their work instead of the company’s, so they’ll be more motivated to succeed since they’re on the hook for the outcome. This accountability builds loyalty because it demonstrates your trust in their abilities.

  • Invest in Their Professional Development

Offering opportunities for your employees to learn new skills – especially if it’s aligned with their own professional goals – is a subtle yet effective way to build their loyalty. When you take the time and resources to invest in their professional development, it shows that you care about their long term growth. This increase the likelihood that they will try to advance internally instead of leaving to go elsewhere for a career boost.

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