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A job search is a complicated project to keep on top of – from compiling potential opportunities to actually applying and scheduling interviews, there is a lot to track. But just like any work-related task, if you approach it with intention, you can manage your time effectively, be productive, and prevent things from falling through the cracks. Check out our expert tips to keep all aspects of your job search organized.

  • Clarify Your Goals

Before you dive deep into your job search, clarify your goals – what exactly do you want to achieve to help you progress and actually land a new job? Goals to consider include: specific types of jobs or companies, the amount of applications per week, the number of new connections you’d like to form while networking, etc. By clarifying your goals, you’ll be able to keep your job search more organized because you’ll have a set of criteria to influence your planning and decisions.

  • Block Out Time in Your Schedule

If you want to make consistent progress and stay on top of all the details of your job search, make it as much of a priority as anything else you do – make the time for it. Block out specific time in your schedule that is solely dedicated to your job search. This will keep you organized since you’ll k know exactly what days and times you will be working on it.

  • Create a Set Routine

Your job search will quickly become confusing and difficult to track if you don’t have a routine. If you only pursue your job search when you feel like it, “have time”, or suddenly think about it, you’ll have a harder time remembering the status of applications and other related tasks. Create a set routine for your job search, including looking up postings, editing your resume, applying to jobs, etc. so nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Maintain a Record of Applications

Keeping your job search organized is so important because it prevents you from getting confused about particular opportunities for which you’ve applied when you start being contacted back. Maintain a record of the applications you submit – this will save you from situations that could negatively impact your job search, such as by not remembering the company when you get a phone call, mixing up the details of the job, or even forgetting to apply because you thought you already had.

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