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As you evaluate your hiring needs, consider using a staffing company to help. As experts in the industry they can assist you with creating an effective hiring strategy, customized to your needs. Here are four important reasons to consider using a staffing agency:


    1. Decreased Cost

While a temporary employee may cost more per hour, you pay only for the hours, days or weeks that you need that help. And, because temp workers are technically employed by your staffing company, you won’t have to worry about benefits, worker’s compensation, unemployment or adding unnecessary headcount.

    1. Flexibility

Hiring temporary workers is an effective way to cover your requirements on an as-needed basis. Staffing agencies can help you find the right person for your temporary needs, saving you valuable time and energy.

Whether you need someone for a large and time-consuming project, a fill-in for an employee absence, or have a particularly busy time of year, staffing agencies are a great resource for quality, temporary employees. And they come to you prepared to work – screened for the specific skills and training required to make it a smooth transition.

    1. Less Worry

With a strategic plan for hiring in place, you can anticipate short- and long-term staffing needs, projected costs and upcoming projects. Using a staffing firm helps you avoid hiring someone not entirely right for the job. Getting the right help will reduce stress, wasted time, and wasted money.

Establish a relationship with a single staffing firm who understands your needs and goals and has access to the best local talent. You’ll gain a competitive advantage with a ready source of pre-screened temporary and full-time talent that can help you reach your business objectives.

    1. Saving Resources

When you use a staffing agency, you significantly reduce the workload on your HR team who would otherwise spend valuable time screening resumes, paring down the list of prospective candidates, and taking part in interviews. A staffing agency has a pool of screened, qualified people to choose from.


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A clear plan and a staffing firm who knows your needs can help find quality staff that you may even decide to hire permanently. Are you looking for staffing help? Contact PrideStaff Akron to set up an appointment.


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