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If you want to boost employee engagement, rewarding your team when they go above and beyond is key. However, positive reinforcement doesn’t need to come in the form of financial incentives to be effective. In fact, even if budgetary issues aren’t a concern, other types of rewards tend to be more meaningful. Learn more about non-monetary rewards to give your employees when they go above and beyond.


  • The Gift of Time

Whether you allow for an extra day off, a more flexible scheduling, or working from home options to save on commuting, the gift of additional time will be appreciated greatly by your employees. It also has the added bonus of encouraging work-life balance, which in turn also increases employee engagement and job satisfaction.


  • Public Acknowledgement

When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to want to continue to give it their all. Public acknowledgement, such as a complimentary email with influential higher ups copied on it or recognizing their effort at an official award ceremony, is a free way to show you notice and value their hard work.


  • Group Activity

Boost morale and team-building while rewarding employees who have gone above and beyond with a group activity. A potluck lunch, an outing to a sports event, or performing volunteer work together can give your employees an opportunity to have fun and socialize and return to work recharged and motivated to continue to excel.


  • A Personal Note

Sincerity is free, but it pays off greatly in making employees feel like they truly matter to you. Rather than a generic “Great job”, instead, take some time to write out a personal note to each individual that includes specific details about what you appreciate about them and how they went above and beyond.


  • Professional Development

Demonstrate your trust in your employees and concern for their overall career progression by giving them opportunities to help with their professional development. Offer paid training or chances to lead projects to build their skill sets and develop experience help them boost their resumes for the long term goals.


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