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When you are job searching, you never want to get ahead of yourself – until you have an official offer, nothing is truly final. However, it’s natural to want to know how an interview went so you can set your expectations appropriately. Here are some signs to show that you crushed your job interview:

    1. There was a Relaxed, Personal Connection

If you developed a rapport with your interviewer and the tone of the interaction felt natural and more relaxed, that’s an indicator the interview went very well. Building a more personal connection, where the conversation flows, and you make small talk with ease means it’s likely the interviewer may feel more invested in you.

    1. The Interviewer Started Selling You on the Job

When the tables turn and the interviewer starts to sell you on the job, such as by talking about the positive aspects of the company’s culture, benefits, and perks, it’s a sign you aced the interview. If the interviewer felt indifferent about you, they wouldn’t bother trying to push why you should want to work for them.

    1. It Went Over the Time Limit

Hiring managers don’t want to waste time on candidates they know aren’t a good fit. If the interview goes over the scheduled time limit, that means they wanted to invest time in learning more about you because they see your potential.

    1. You’re Asked About Other Offers

When the interviewer asks you if you have any pending job offers or are in the final stages of pursuing any other opportunities, it’s very likely they see you as a top choice. They will generally only ask about other opportunities if they’re worried, they could risk losing you to another employer.

    1. You’re Introduced to Important People

If your interviewer makes it a point to introduce you to important people, such as their boss or the president of the company, take that as a very good sign of how the interview went. They likely wouldn’t go out of their way to have higher level executives take time from their busy schedules to meet just any candidates.

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