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When summertime hits, it is often a struggle for employees to maintain focus and productivity when there are sunny skies, warm temperatures, and everyone seeming to be having nonstop

summer vacation fun. This “summer slump” is common and understandable, but business doesn’t stop and there’s still work to be done. Keep your employees focused during summer distractions with these tips:

    • Communicate the Mission and Purpose

Work can seem meaningless to your employees when they’re stuck inside while it seems like the rest of the world is having the time of their lives enjoying the summer. Boost their morale by communicating the company’s mission. Rally them to let them know how much their contributions matter and the value they bring. This simple reminder can motivate them to focus more since they’ll have their sense of purpose top-of-mind.

    • Plan Fun Outings and Activities

Work with the summer vibes, rather than totally fighting against them. Instead of trying to make your team forget about the summertime fun they’re missing by being in the office, incorporate some of that into the workday. Plan fun outings and activities, such as picnics, catered lunches, ping pong tournaments, attending a baseball game as a group, etc.

    • Offer Flexible Work Options

If possible, be a little more flexible in the summer when it comes to face time in the workplace and opt for results over physical presence. Offering to let employees leave early on Fridays or work remotely a few days a week, for example, can actually make them focus more because they’ll be more motivated to get their work done more quickly and at a higher quality so they can take advantage of the summer. You may be amazed at how much more your team produces if you allow them to work less, than if they feel forced to sit at their desks.

    • Allow for Time Off to Recharge

Actively encouraging your team to take advantage of their allotted paid time off is actually smart for business and performance. If the summer slump is so bad that focus is at an all-time low, even with those who are normally top performers, taking vacation time may be the best option. Try to accommodate your employee’s requests as much as possible within reason, and consider turning to a staffing firm for temporary employees to provide coverage so productivity isn’t negatively impacted.

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