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After you’ve interviewed for a job opportunity you really want to land, the anticipation is on to hear back about the final decision. Following up after the interview can reiterate your enthusiasm, but if not done properly, can backfire and make you seem desperate and could even annoy the hiring manager – not exactly the impression you want to leave when you’re trying to get hired. Learn more about how to follow up after your job interview without being irritating.

    • Send a Thank You

After the interview, you can follow up immediately by sending a thank you message via email. Express your appreciation to the hiring manager for taking the time to meet with you and for considering you for the position. This simple act will show the hiring manager that you are professional, and remain interested in the position. You can also take this opportunity to ask what their expected timeframe is for making their decision, if you didn’t already do so after the interview.

    • Wait Until After Established Timeframe

The number one way to irritate a hiring manager is to follow up before the established timeframe. If they said they will reach out within a week, for example, do not follow up before then. Not only is this personally annoying to the hiring manager, but it also makes you seem like you either don’t listen to details or you think it’s okay to outright ignore those boundaries. If the established time frame comes and goes without you hearing back, then it’s perfectly acceptable to send a polite message asking if there have been any updates.

    • Connect on LinkedIn

An effective way to show your enthusiasm without being pushy is to connect with the hiring manager on LinkedIn. After the interview, look them up on LinkedIn and send a request to connect. Don’t use the default, generic message that comes with the request. Instead, personalize it to say it was great to meet them, and you look forward to staying in touch.

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