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Getting “ghosted” is a term that refers to when a person in a relationship or friendship suddenly ceases all contact with no explanation. It isn’t just significant others and friends who are getting ghosted – it has made its way into the hiring process, with many seemingly interested candidates up and disappearing once hiring managers try to advance the hiring process or extend an offer. If you’re getting ghosted by candidates, here’s what to do to improve your recruitment and hiring process.

    • Prioritize the Candidate Experience

In the current marketplace, candidates have the upper hand and likely have other job offers they could pursue. Since they know they have options available to them, if they feel inconvenienced or otherwise frustrated with how they are treated by your company during the hiring process, they may opt to ghost you. Prioritize your candidate experience to avoid losing top prospects – think of them like customers and consider how you can best treat them. For example, be responsive when they reach out, don’t ask for more than is necessary to apply, and simply treat them how you would want to be treated.

    • Showcase Selling Points

Getting ghosted by candidates may be as simple as them thinking they found something better in another employer. Ensure you are not assuming that candidates know why your organization is such a great place to work, and instead make it a point to showcase these selling points. Whatever sets your company apart from others should be communicated every step of the way, from the job description to one-on-one interactions, so candidates know what a valuable opportunity they would be walking away from.

    • Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient

Time is truly of the essence when it comes to landing top talent. Take an objective look at your hiring process – if it takes too long, such as multiple rounds of in-person interviews, followed by extensive periods of time to make decisions, you could be getting ghosted by candidates simply because they were offered a job by another employer because you took too long to get back to them with a decision. Streamline your hiring process by clearly defining what qualifications to evaluate for, crafting thoughtful interview questions, and arranging for decision-makers to have tighter deadlines.

    • Establish Personal Communication

Maintain contact with your candidates throughout the hiring process to avoid losing their interest. Establish personal communication, and tailor your interactions to them specifically, rather than sending out generic, blanket email updates. Keep them up-to-date on how the hiring process is going and let them know immediately if things are taking longer than expected.

    • Change Your Recruitment Strategy

If getting ghosted by candidates becomes a common occurrence, it may be time to look at your recruitment strategy to figure out if you are attracting the wrong candidates. Consider trying out different advertising methods, such as niche industry job boards instead of general ones, networking to find passive candidates, or working with a staffing agency to find new candidates.

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