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The culture of your workplace is one of your most valuable recruitment and retention tools. It is so valuable, in fact, that many top performers will pass on a bigger paycheck from an employer with a lackluster or negative culture in favor of a place with a more supportive and welcoming culture but less compensation. Fortunately, culture isn’t something that just happens – you have the power to shape it accordingly. Develop a corporate culture that no one will want to leave with these tips.

    • Communicate the Purpose

Organizations with positive cultures have their unique factors but tend to share a common foundation: their employees feel like their work has meaning. It can be disheartening for employees to feel like their work doesn’t really matter. Cultivate a positive corporate culture by communicating the organizational mission and the underlying purpose of your employees’ contributions. Simply acknowledging the importance of each specific employee’s role in the bigger picture can help them realize their work has strong value.

    • Support Challenges and Risk-Taking

A corporate culture doesn’t have to outright negative for employees to still want to leave it – they may opt to leave simply out of boredom. Avoid losing top performers out of complacency by supporting them challenging themselves with higher level tasks. This may stretch their skills and there could be times in which the outcome isn’t as well-executed as the tasks they’ve perfectly honed, so it’s essential to communicate that taking risks is not only acceptable, but to be encouraged.

    • Encourage Socializing

Activities that boost productivity may not always appear that way on the surface – in fact, if your corporate culture takes a hard stance on “frivolous” conversations between colleagues during work hours, shutting down personal interactions could actually backfire. Small talk and other socializing, if kept to a level that doesn’t prevent work from being completed in a timely manner, can be beneficial. These personal interactions are what helps your employees develop relationships that make them work more effectively as a team and increases their overall job satisfaction. You can encourage socializing by opening meetings with time for some small talk or planning team lunches or other activities.

    • Protect Against Burnout

A lack of work-life balance results in employees becoming overworked, not being able to recharge, and then just becoming burnt out over time. Unfortunately, many corporate cultures don’t make employees feel comfortable taking time off for paid vacation, whether it’s being seen as not being a hard worker or committed to the organization, being contacted about work while they’re away, or not having coverage so when they come back, they’re so overworked they regret leaving. If you want to develop a corporate culture that employees will not want to leave, protect against burnout by encouraging time off, and supporting their workload coverage so they can take a break without worry.

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