When you made it to the final round in the hiring process only to find a rejection email in your inbox, your first instinct may be to delete it immediately out of frustration. However, if you reply in the right manner, it can actually benefit you. So how do you go about responding to a “thanks, but no thanks” message? Check out this email to send after you were rejected from a job.


  • A Gracious Opening

Start off the email by expressing your appreciation to the hiring manager. Obviously, it’s not the answer you wanted to receive, but the professional thing to do is thank the hiring manager for letting you know (rather than leaving you hanging with no official rejection, which unfortunately happens). This is a sign of respect, so conduct yourself in an equally respectful manner by returning the gesture.

Example: “Thank you for reaching out and letting me know. It was great to meet you, and although I wasn’t selected, I appreciate having been in consideration for the position.”


  • A Polite Request for Feedback

Rather than viewing the rejection as something negative, try to focus on framing it as an opportunity to improve and grow. After you’ve thanked the hiring manager for letting you know for their decision, politely ask if they would be able to provide you any feedback. They may either not feel comfortable doing so (or be prevented by official policy), but it doesn’t hurt to ask, and you may receive valuable information.

Example: “If you have any feedback for me, I would very much appreciate it so I could improve as a candidate for the future.”


  • An Offer to Stay in Touch

Just because you weren’t selected for the particular role doesn’t mean that the hiring manager doesn’t still see you as a viable candidate – you may have simply been right behind a candidate who was an even better match. If you are still interested in the idea of working for the company in the future, let the hiring manager know you are open to keeping in touch.

For example, “I would love to stay in touch. Please keep me in mind if you have any other openings in the future that you think would be a good fit.”


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