It’s natural that you will have personal preferences for certain employees over others, such as your top performers or those you have a rapport with or things in common. However, it is crucial to have a consistent management style with your employees and ensure you are treating all your employees the same. Learn more about why playing favorites with your employees is bad for business:

  • Damages Morale

When employees feel they are treated unfairly or their manager has a clear bias, it can damage morale. Negative morale decreases job satisfaction all around, and makes employees less engaged with the quality of their work since they don’t feel respected or valued as a member of a team.

  • Hinders Productivity

Playing favorites can have a widespread impact on productivity. The less-favored employees may not be as motivated to succeed, and therefore, more likely to procrastinate or not work efficiently. It can also push your employees into an “us vs. them” mentality, in which the “manager’s favorites” think they can coast and not work as hard, or the less favored employees may not be inclined to collaborate effectively with them out of envy or spite.

  • Decreases Innovation

Coming up with new ideas is crucial for organizational success, but an environment in which management plays favorites is not conducive to innovation. Employees may feel like their ideas won’t be considered or they won’t be given credit if they are not among the favored, so they may not bother putting much effort into brainstorming or be proactive if they think it won’t be appreciated.

  • Contributes to Turnover

If you give preferential treatment to certain employees, the others will eventually get fed up and leave to go elsewhere. High employee turnover is bad for business in a variety of ways, including additional costs for finding and training a replacement, lost productivity, decline in morale, and negative employer branding.

  • Prevents Your Growth as a Leader

Favoritism in the workplace doesn’t just negatively affect your employees and their performance, it can hurt your ability to be an effective leader. When you surround yourself with people who fit your personal preferences, it can prevent your professional growth because, they share a similar perspective and background with you. In order to be the best leader possible, it’s important to work with people who are different from you, because they can provide valuable insight you may have never considered otherwise.

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