Finding quality prospective candidates for your available positions can be challenging, but you may actually have a wealth of leads you aren’t currently utilizing: your current employees. If you don’t have an employee referral program, you could be missing out on successful hires.

Learn more about why you should have an employee referral program:

  • Candidates are Vetted

When you turn to your current employees to suggest prospective candidates, the quality of these candidates will likely be much higher than normal. Your employees already understand the work and company culture, so they will generally make recommendations for their contacts who would be a good match. Plus, your employees will have an incentive to ensure their referrals are thoroughly vetted since a bad hire via their suggestion could reflect badly on their professional reputation and judgment.

  • It Streamlines the Recruitment Process

Having an employee referral program in place gets you one step ahead because you’ll already have a pipeline of potential candidates to mine. Instead of having to brainstorm to think of the best ways to target applicants, you can quickly get started assessing your referrals. When you’re not starting from scratch to find prospects, it will streamline the recruitment process and make hiring more efficient overall.

  • Builds Your Employer Brand

Having a positive reputation as an employer is crucial in recruiting top talent. By creating an employee referral program, your current employees essentially serve as ambassadors for your company by telling people they know (and who trust in their judgment) that your company is a great place to work and an opportunity they should consider. This organically builds your brand as an employer in an authentic manner since it’s your employees being the mouthpiece, rather than your company touting its own positive qualities.

  • Keeps Employees Engaged

The benefits of having an employee referral program extend beyond improving your recruitment process – it can also boost the overall culture and productivity of your team by keeping employees engaged. By being open to referrals from your team, you are giving them a voice and showing that you respect their input. In turn, they will feel like a valued contributor and be more personally invested in your company’s success by working hard and going above and beyond.

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