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When employees turn in their resignations, common reasons they give are the new job has higher pay or more responsibilities; however, they tend to stay silent on why they started job hunting in the first place…likely because it may be the company’s leadership. Managers account for 70% of the variation when comparing the differences between workplaces with high and low engagement (Gallup) and low engagement means employees are less committed to their jobs. If you want to retain top talent, it is significantly under your control – avoid unnecessary turnover with these leadership tips:

Communicate with Transparency

A lack of trust in leadership is the beginning of the end for employee retention. To prevent your employees from viewing you with suspicion and having an “us versus them” mentality, communication is key. Be transparent and share information with them so they know you have nothing to hide or no ulterior motives, and that you respect them.

Avoid Micromanaging

If you want to keep your top performers from leaving, give them space to do what they’re good at without constant check-ins or controlling their work processes. Micromanaging employees, especially those who have proven their expertise and work ethic, will make them feel like you aren’t confident in their abilities or simply frustrate them until they reach their breaking point and leave.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Resignation is often the course of action for employees once they’ve reached the point of no return and have completely burned out. Prevent burnout and keep your best employees by encouraging work-life balance. Be understanding about not infringing on their personal time, such as not contacting them about work matters outside of the office unless absolutely necessary. Also, ensure they feel comfortable taking their earned time off – many workplaces have a culture that looks down on employees that actually take their vacations, so make it clear there will no repercussions for it.

Recognize High Performance

Even if your employees are internally motivated to succeed, they still have the desire to feel like their work is noticed and appreciated by leadership. If high performance isn’t acknowledged while only shortcomings are brought up, morale will plummet and your employees will be inclined to leave. Recognize high performances and give specific compliments when a job is well done – it doesn’t take much time, but will make your employees feel valued by you.

Provide a Clear Future Path

Making the decision to leave your organization isn’t always an easy decision for employees. They may love your workplace, their colleagues, and your leadership style, but feel like they must leave if they want to advance in their careers. Prevent your top performers from feeling like working for you is a dead-end job by providing a clear future path for them. Ask about their long term goals, and provide training and professional development opportunities to help them advance within your organization instead of leaving.

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