During the latter quarter of the year, your productivity may decline as you try to keep up your motivation to work amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Take advantage of the fresh slate that the New Year brings by making it a goal to focus on boosting your productivity. Being productive isn’t a matter of sheer willpower and self-discipline – there are strategies that can make you more efficient with less effort. Maximize your productivity at work for the New Year with these three tips:


1. Prioritize Your Daily To-Dos

Start the year off by giving a makeover to your To-Do list. Rather than just making a list of outstanding tasks and then trying to accomplish the highest quantity, pick your most important task(s) each day. Then, focus your efforts on your highest priorities only. Giving the majority of your attention to your most important task may mean you won’t have the satisfaction of crossing multiple items off your list, but at the end of the day, you’ll be closer to accomplishing results that truly matter. Fight the urge to feel productive by getting as much done as possible and instead, do first what will have the most impact.

2. Plan Your Day According to Your Personal Tendencies

There is no one daily plan that maximizes productivity for everyone. Consider your personal tendencies as you plan your day. What time of day are you at your most alert, and when does your energy generally start to wane? Schedule your tasks that require the most concentration or energy to start for the time of the day you are most able to focus, and then relegate your less mentally straining tasks (like answering emails or performing administrative work) to the blocks of time you know you’re most likely to struggle with low energy. This helps you become more productive by taking advantage of your natural tendencies, rather than trying to force yourself to overcome them.

3. Embrace Technology

Technology gets a bad reputation for negatively affecting productivity since constant notifications and tempting apps can be quite distracting. However, if used strategically, technology can actually make you more productive by automating tasks and clearing out your mental bandwidth. Examples include:

    • Using browser extensions that block websites that can contribute to your procrastination.
    • Breaking down bigger projects into smaller tasks, and use your electronic calendar to schedule deadlines and automatic reminders.
    • Setting automatic rules to filter emails into categorized folders so you know at a glance which emails need a quick response (i.e., from your boss or important clients/customers) and which you can get to another time.
    • Tracking your time via a browser extension or app to give yourself data on areas that could use improvement

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