Whether you’re facing a skills gap or simply a performance issue, it may seem like there’s only one solution: fire the current employees who aren’t currently meeting your organization’s needs, and replace them with new hires. Unfortunately, replacing employees is not a simple endeavor and can have unintended ramifications – learn more with these three reasons you should retrain rather than fire.


    1. Less Costly

The expenses associated with hiring a new employee can be staggering. First, there is the direct cost of finding candidates, such as advertising the opening or paying a staffing agency, along with any training costs. Then, there is the loss of productivity that accompanies being overworked and understaffed before a hire is made, as well as the time it takes the new employee to become acclimated and able to contribute on a significant level. Devoting time to retraining a current employee is an investment that may pay off if it saves you from unnecessarily going through the expensive and time-consuming hiring process.

    1. Encourages Adaptability

Technology advances and changes in the marketplace means that your business needs and customer demands could change drastically with not much warning. To stay competitive, your organization needs to be onboard with adapting to learn new skills. By making it a priority to retrain employees rather than automatically rehiring, you are encouraging your team to be adaptable to change and open to upskilling themselves. The ability and willingness to pivot and develop new skills will be more of an asset long-term than hiring a candidate with a particular skillset who is stuck in their ways.

    1. Improves Morale

 Even though the decision to fire workers may simply be a business matter to you and nothing personal, it can greatly affect the morale of your team because it can come across cold and like you don’t value their contributions or care about them at all. It can make employees lose trust in you and become disengaged since they may feel like they’re treated like they’re disposable. By opting to retrain workers, it can improve morale as it sends a clear message that you appreciate the effort and commitment to the organization they have put in, and you are willing to reciprocate.


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