Making employees feel recognized and valued for their contributions is crucial toward job satisfaction, productivity, and retention. However, not having much of a budget to work with doesn’t mean you can’t show your employees appreciation – in fact, the amount of thought you put into it is more influential than the amount of money you have to spend. Rather than assuming what employees like in general, tailor your choices to what appeals to them in particular and the extra effort will pay off. Learn more about why being thoughtful is more important than cost when it comes to showing employee appreciation:


    • Boosts Morale

Consider the process required in order to determine what your individual employees would feel is a thoughtful gift to them: you would have to express interest in them by asking questions and getting to know them, and then making it a point to remember what you’ve learned. This simple act would boost morale because employees will feel like you care about building a positive relationship with them. High morale workplaces have better teamwork and are less prone to burnout.

    • Increases Engagement

When your employees feel truly seen and appreciated because of your thoughtfulness, they are much more likely to feel a deeper connection and loyalty to your business. This increases engagement, in which they truly care about their work and how it affects the organization. If you recognize your employees for all that they do for you, it sparks their motivation and makes them want to continue to go above and beyond.

    • Builds Trust

A common issue in the workplace is an “us versus them” attitude between employees and leadership. If there is a lack of transparency and communication from higher-ups, employees are left to be suspicious of the intentions of their managers. Expressing your appreciation with thoughtful gestures that you know fit your employees’ preferences and interests can set the foundation for building a trustworthy relationship in which they enjoy their jobs and want to excel.


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