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Plenty of people have goals to which they aspire, but there is generally one key difference between those who are successful at achieving their goals and those who find themselves stuck: how they set their goals. A helpful way to take your professional dreams and turn them into reality starts with setting them using the SMART system. Here’s how to make your career goals SMART:


    • Specific

If you want to accomplish your career goals, they cannot be vague. When setting your goals, make them as specific as possible. Consider your overall objective, and then expand it by answering questions related to specifics, such as what, when, where, why, who, etc. For example, “Get a promotion” is too general – instead, the goal should be more specific, such as “I want to get a promotion to XYZ job title within the next six months.”

    • Measurable

In order to know whether or not you’re on the right track to achieving your career goals, they must be measurable when you set them. Decide what criteria you will use to gauge the progress you are making – for example, going back to the goal of landing a promotion, a possible way to measure that would be if you increasingly take on more responsibilities, volunteer for more assignments, or accomplish results that you can use to make a case for asking for a promotion.

    • Attainable

For your career goals to be effective, they must strike the right balance between being challenging and yet still realistic. If you make them too easy, you won’t grow – but if you get overly ambitious, you may end up discouraged, lose self-confidence, and give up completely. When you set your career goals, assess them to make sure they fit within the scope of your current and potential skill sets, as well as your current workload and/or personal commitments.

    • Relevant

Think back to the goals you have achieved in the past – it’s likely they were relevant to an overall bigger picture goal. For example, successfully achieving the goal of earning a college degree is often due to it being a clearly defined step toward getting a specific job or making a particular salary level. As you set your career goals, ensure they are relevant to a longer-term plan for yourself and not simply something you think you should do.

    • Timely

The challenging part of achieving goals, in general, is that they can get pushed aside in favor of more seemingly urgent tasks. If you want to be successful at making your career goals into reality, you have to make it time-sensitive as well, or else you run the risk of putting it off indefinitely. Establish a series of deadlines to the steps within your goals to hold yourself accountable in taking consistent action toward them.


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