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Making the decision to leave your current job isn’t always a simple one. It can be difficult to determine what are normal ebbs and flows in your job satisfaction, and when it’s truly time to go. Feel confident in whatever choice you make – check out these five signs it’s time to look for a new job.


    1. You Feel Complacent

When you first started your job, you likely had excited, passionate energy. While it’s natural it would decline somewhat as the novelty wears off, if you feel like you’re just going through the motions of your job, it may be time to move on. Feeling complacent and only performing the essential requirements of your job and nothing more (such as volunteering for additional projects or suggesting new ideas) is an indicator that‘s no longer right for you.

    1. There is No Room for Growth

Even if you are comfortable in your current job and enjoy the work itself, your boss and colleagues, and the culture, it may be time to leave for something new if you are unable to make any progress in your career. If there are no opportunities for professional development, like learning new skills or gaining more responsibility, you may hold your career back if you stay. Consider your long-term professional goals – if you are unable to make any more progress toward them in your current role, it’s time to start looking elsewhere.

    1. Your Health is Negatively Impacted

Ongoing work stress is a contributing factor to a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions. If your job is stressful to the point where you’re regularly not getting enough sleep, getting sick more often, experiencing chronic headaches or stomach pain, or are constantly irritable and moody, you could be putting yourself in a precarious position by not finding a new job. If your current job is incompatible with your health, it’s a definite sign to quit.

    1. There is Constant Change in Leadership

Even if you enjoy your job and are a top performer, you may not necessarily have a future at your current employer – through no fault of your own. Change in leadership can be a good thing and improve company success, but if there is a constant change at the highest levels, it could mean the company is unstable. Look out for yourself and be proactive about leaving to find a more reliable workplace.

    1. Your Gut is Telling You

It can be challenging to break out of your comfort zone, but if you keep having recurring thoughts about wanting to leave your job, it’s worth exploring to see what other job opportunities are out there. Your gut telling you that it’s time to leave means that deep down, even if you don’t have concrete or logical reasons, you know your job is no longer right for you.

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