Trying to manage all the responsibilities of both their professional and personal lives can be draining to employees. Employers who are understanding of this fact can reap significant benefits, both in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction. Learn more about how work-life balance is critical to employee longevity.


  • Better Focus

When employees have a good work-life balance, they tend to be less distracted because they have clearly established boundaries for when to concentrate on work and when to think about personal matters. Being more able to focus reduces the likelihood of mistakes and missed deadlines. It also not only improves the amount of work they get done but also the quality. Working too much to the detriment of their personal lives will make employees’ minds race with worry, so even if they are physically working, they might not truly be present mentally.


  • Higher Morale

Workplaces with cultures that place a high priority on work-life balance generally have higher morale because employees aren’t so stressed and may actually look forward to their workdays instead of dreading them. Employees spend a significant amount of their time in the workplace, so morale is very influential in job satisfaction, risk of burnout, and turnover. Happy employees are productive and committed employees.


  • Increased Engagement

Work-life balance pays off since it increases engagement, making it so employees find internal motivation to excel, rather than doing so from a negative place of fear or panic. They are more likely to go above and beyond and suggest creative new ideas, problem solve, collaborate together effectively, and find satisfaction in a job well done rather than performing at the bare minimum standard.


  • Reduces Healthcare Costs

From a fiscal standpoint, work-life balance positively impacts your company’s bottom line by reducing healthcare costs. Overworked employees with high-stress levels are more likely to get sick or injured and develop chronic physical or mental health conditions. In addition to the actual healthcare costs, companies with poor work-life balance will pay the price with increased absenteeism that affects productivity.


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