The foundation of organizational success generally comes down to one major factor: company culture. It impacts the quality of candidates you attract, retention rates, productivity, and engagement. A positive workplace culture organically leads employees to feel committed and loyal to your organization because they enjoy being there and want to go above and beyond to contribute to the mission. Build the company that you would want to work for with these tips.

    • Focus on Communication

A company that values transparency is the basis for a strong workplace culture. Withholding information or only sharing on a “need to know” basis can quickly create a distrustful environment in which employees question the motives of leadership. To build a company that you would want to work for, focus on communication. Prioritize sharing news, providing clear expectations, offering up timely feedback, and listening to your employees.

    • Encourage Risk-Taking and Being Uncomfortable

Complacency is a morale killer, which is why the workplaces that most people want to go to each day are the ones where they are challenged and can grow professionally. Often what prevents companies from being innovative is the fear of failure, so employees and leadership hold back on putting forth new ideas. Protect against a “comfort zone culture” by encouraging risk-taking and being uncomfortable. Reward employees for being creative and trying to learn new skills, so they know perfection shouldn’t be the end goal.

    • Make Visual Surroundings More Appealing

Employees spend so many of their waking hours in the workplace, so it’s crucial to ensure the physical appearance of the environment positively contributes to their mood and performance, rather than detracting from it. It may seem inconsequential to focus on what your work environment looks like, but drab, uncomfortable, or messy surroundings can add stress and simply be uninviting. Make visual surroundings more appealing, such as adding color and décor, and removing clutter to add a sense of fun and calmness to your work environment and make it a more enjoyable place for employees to be.

    • Prioritize Employee Wellness

Employees who are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy are also more productive and, most importantly, happier at work. Build a company you would want to work for by prioritizing employee wellness at your workplace. First and foremost, ensure your team has adequate work-life balance, as work-related stress can be a significant cause of health issues. Encourage them to take breaks during the day and to use their vacation time, and avoid contacting them outside of office hours. Also, cultivate a culture that makes employee wellness possible during the workday, such as promoting physical movement and water breaks throughout the day.

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