Workplace hierarchy tends to encourage a dynamic in which employees feel pressured by the (sometimes vocalized, but often unspoken) expectation that they abide by what leadership says, with no questioning and certainly no pushback. However, employee perspective is crucial for leaders to be as effective as possible. Learn more about why your employees should disagree with you.

    • Prevents Mishaps

As a manager, you are likely to be at least somewhat removed from some lower-level tasks and processes your employees handle on a day-to-day basis. This means there may be times in which they can anticipate potential issues better than you simply because they have a more familiar understanding of the nuances associated with their duties. If your employees feel comfortable disagreeing with you, it can prevent mishaps with workflow that you may not have realized were a possibility. For example, productivity or cost-cutting measure you try to implement could have unintended consequences, but if your team speaks up and disagrees, it could save you a lot of stress and time spent resolving the mess.

    • Shows You Respect Their Voice

While you may have more authority than your employees, it doesn’t mean they should have absolutely no say in the workplace matters that affect them. If you not only accept but actively encourage your employees to disagree with you if they feel strongly about a stance, it sends a clear message that you respect their voice. Employees who work for bosses who care about their perspectives are more likely to have a trustworthy professional relationship, which leads to better communication, morale, and productivity all around.

    • Encourages Critical Thinking and Innovation

Most workplaces claim to want employees to problem solve and be creative with brainstorming new ideas, but then also discourage employees from ever disagreeing with their managers. It’s understandable that employees may be confused by the seeming mixed messages about when it’s acceptable to speak up. By being open-minded to having your employees disagree with you, it has the benefit of encouraging critical thinking and innovation. Since your team knows it’s safe for them to assert their opinions, they’ll feel more inclined to volunteer their ideas.

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