Hiring new employees can be time-consuming and challenging, as recruitment must be done in addition to the already staggering workload of managers and may be outside of their areas of expertise. Fortunately, hiring candidates can be delegated, like any other work task, by using a staffing agency. Learn more about how working with a staffing agency can add value to your team: 

Speeds Up the Recruitment and Hiring Process 

 The longer it takes to find a new employee, the more productivity and morale suffers. A staffing firm speeds up the recruitment and hiring process because they devote themselves to just advertising the position, filtering applications, and assessing candidates. Otherwise, you would have to fit that in, along with your other work, which can slow things down and cost you top talent. 

 Saves on Employee-Related Expenses 

If your budget is tight, putting in the investment of working with a staffing firm can pay off by actually saving you on employee-related expenses. When you use a staffing firm, the workers they provide you are technically their own employees. This means you aren’t on the hook for employment taxes and benefits, which can be costly, especially for smaller businesses. 

Offers Access to More Expansive Candidate Pool  

Unless you have the time to cultivate a pipeline of prospective candidates that you can mine when you’re ready to hire, you likely are only selecting from (or settling for) the limited candidates who come across your opening. Instead of finding the best person for the job, you may end up having to settle for the best of whoever applied. However, a staffing firm focuses on consistently forming and maintaining relationships with candidates, so they’ll be able to offer you access to a more expansive pool from which to choose.  

Reduces Number of Bad Hires 

Some candidates display clear red flags as to why they shouldn’t be hired, but often bad hires don’t give any indication of negative traits until after they’re already on board. When you work with a staffing agency, they have a vested interest in your satisfaction and will only provide you with candidates who have been thoroughly vetted – thus reducing the number of bad hires.  

Find Top Candidates Today!

Work with a staffing firm you can establish a trustworthy relationship with, like PrideStaff Akron. Our team of experienced specialists is dedicated to understanding your unique needs, and utilizing their expertise to find the candidates that are right for you. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions. 

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