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When you’ve reached the point at your job where you’ve gained enough experience that you’re no longer being challenged, it’s a sign that you could be ready to take the next step in your career. However, in order to be qualified to move up professionally, you need to gain more higher-level experience. Ask for and get more responsibility at work with these tips: 

Clarify Your Goals 

Before you can have a productive conversation with your boss, clarify your goals regarding increased responsibilities. What specific types of duties do you want to take on? Do you want to get on track to being promoted to a particular job title? Consider as many details as possible so you’re prepared for any questions your boss may have. 

 Go Above and Beyond in Your Current Tasks 

You need to make it clear you are completely on top of your current work before you can ask for more. Go above and beyond with your tasks – exceed expectations, problem solve, volunteer for projects, and suggest new ideas. Once you show you’re fully engaged, you’ll be more likely to be considered for increased responsibility. 

Define the Value You Would Add 

To make the most compelling case as to why you should get increased responsibility, focus on how the company would benefit from you doing so (rather than why you want it). Define the value you would add – what makes you the most qualified and what problems could you help solve? Also, compile a list of your achievements as objective evidence of your performance level. 

Talk to Your Boss 

Open communication regarding your professional goals is the most effective way to achieve them. Ask to have a meeting with your boss. Let them know you want to discuss possibly increasing your responsibilities so they can be more thoughtful with their feedback. Once you meet face-to-face, talk to your boss about your specific goals, why it would be a good fit, what you bring to the role, and your accomplishments in your current position.  

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