Recruiters often opt for having the first point of contact with candidates be a phone screening, as a way to save time as they evaluate baseline qualifications before proceeding to formal in-person interviews. However, if you land a phone interview, you should still put forth the same level of preparation as a face-to-face meeting. Answer the phone when a recruiter calls and make a positive impression with these tips:   

Minimize Distractions Beforehand 

Before you answer a recruiter’s phone call, minimize distractions in the area in which you’ll be taking the call. Pick a location that is quiet (so away from other people or pets) and has a strong signal so you and the recruiter can clearly hear one another. Otherwise, you risk getting flustered and not able to participate in the interview with confidence.  

Smile as You Speak 

The potential drawback to phone conversations is that you don’t have facial expressions and body language to help you set the tone and convey your personality. Alleviate this by smiling as you answer the phone when a recruiter calls. It may feel unnatural, but forcing a smile beforehand actually makes your voice more upbeat and personable.  

Use Your Name in Your Greeting 

Don’t just answer the phone with a standard “Hello?” when a recruiter calls. Make a stronger, more professional impression by using your name in your greeting – “Hello, this is [Name].” This allows the interview to have a smoother, less awkward start since the recruiter won’t have to waste time asking if they’ve reached the right person. Plus, it shows confidence and serves as an initial introduction. 

Express Your Appreciation 

After you’ve communicated your initial greeting and introduction, transition into expressing your appreciation for the opportunity. Saying something like, “Thank you so much for the consideration and taking the time to talk with me today, I’m looking forward to it,” makes it clear that you’re enthusiastic and would be a pleasant person to work with if hired.  

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