Company culture consists of the core values that set the foundation for the organizational mission. To truly put these values into practice, culture fit should be prioritized when evaluating candidates. Otherwise, it will not be a successful long term hire and will be mutually unsatisfying. Make hiring decisions with your company culture in mind with these steps:  

Define Core Values and Traits 

Clarity is essential if you want to develop an objective framework to utilize for measuring candidates’ cultural fit. Define the core values of your organization – what does it stand for and what is it committed to? Some examples include: serving customers and/or the community, striving for excellence, or being innovative and cutting-edge. Then, once you have a clearly defined set of core values for your company, expand on that to define what traits your most successful employees share, which makes them align with your company culture.   

Ask Questions to Assess Cultural Fit 

Once you have the criteria with which to measure candidates’ cultural fit, use it to create your interview strategy. In addition to the questions you ask regarding work experience and other qualifications, also include questions to assess cultural fit. Some possible interview questions regarding cultural fit include: “What type of work environment allows you to perform to your very best level?”; “What types of tasks or projects make you the most passionate and feel the most rewarding, and why?”; or “What types of work situations do you find most stressful?” 

Get Cross-Departmental Input 

Like the phrase indicates, company culture should be consistent across the company, not just within a specific department; therefore, hiring decisions should not be made solely based on the perspective of one hiring manager. Otherwise, there is the likely possibility that each area within a workplace may have varying sub-cultures, rather than a cohesive culture company-wide. Get cross-departmental input regarding candidates’ cultural fit when you make hiring decisions.  

Ask key stakeholders from other areas for their opinions of candidates, and if they align with the culture – the feedback may be eye-opening and something you may not have realized on your own. Plus, welcoming the input from other colleagues can protect against the risk of unintentional bias, in which you hire people who you personally find likeable or who are similar to you.   

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