Retention is generally a top organizational priority, as replacing employees, especially high performers, is costly. Not only does it negatively affect productivity if you’re understaffed or while a new hire is becoming acclimated, but there are also expenses for advertising the opening and training replacements. Turnover may be able to be prevented if you’re able to notice and address it before it’s too late – check out these signs that top talent may be leaving soon: 

Change in Attitude 

If a normally talkative employee is acting more withdrawn, that could indicate they have mentally checked out. Acting more cynical, such as venting or gossiping more, can also mean an employee is losing patience and could be ready to move on. 

Decline in Performance 

When a top performer is suddenly starting to miss deadlines, come in late and/or leave early, and turn in lower quality work, they’ve most likely become disengaged. Reduced work ethic is a major warning that an employee no longer cares and may have a foot out the door.  

More Time Away 

Is your employee suddenly not around the office as much? If they seem to suddenly be taking more private personal calls, or there is an increase in long lunches, appointments, or paid time off, that is often a sign they are taking interviews.  

Less Likely to Volunteer 

Engaged employees are proactive in suggesting new ideas or offering to take on tasks and projects. If a top performer isn’t volunteering to take on additional work, especially long-term projects, it could be because they don’t see a future at your company. 

Discussion on Advancement  

Did you recently have a discussion regarding advancement opportunities with an employee? If the outcome wasn’t what they hoped (such as you saying there aren’t available promotions), be prepared that they may start exploring new employers to achieve their professional goals. 

Colleagues Also Left 

Top performers are likely to have close professional relationships with their colleagues. Whenever one employee leaves, the chance grows that their former coworkers could soon follow. It changes the dynamic of the team, which could lead to job dissatisfaction, or they could even be recruited to a new employer based on the past employee’s recommendation. 

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