Even if you’re looking forward to getting back to work due to financial or personal reasons, you may be a bit wary about the potential for contracting the COVID-19 virus. The most effective way to protect yourself is by empowering yourself with information and being intentional with your actions. Learn more about how to stay safe back at work during the COVID-19 era:  

Practice Proper Hygiene  

Your best defense against any type of virus is through intentional and thorough hand washing practices. Be mindful of cleaning your hands after touching a shared surface or object, after using the restroom, and before you eat or perform an activity in which you touch your face. Washing your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds is recommended by the CDC, but alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used for times in which it isn’t practical to wash your hands.   

Wear a Face Mask 

Unless you have a medical condition that makes it dangerous to cover your nose and mouth, wearing a cloth face mask can help keep you and your colleagues safe at work. Face masks help reduce the amount of transmission of COVID-19 from people who are infected but not showing symptoms. However, they can also safeguard you as well by keeping you from inadvertently touching your face.  

Practice Social Distancing 

It’s highly likely your employer will implement measures to help with the six feet of social distancing between people that is recommended by the CDC. However, you should still be proactive about practicing social distance on your own as much as possible throughout your workday. Be observant of maintaining space from your colleagues in entryways, hallways, kitchenettes or break rooms, etc.  

Disinfect Your Work Spaces and Equipment 

Since employers are supposed to provide disinfecting supplies, do your part to keep yourself and others safe during the COVID-19 era. Before you touch a surface, be sure to sanitize it. This includes doorknobs, tables or desktops, and electronic equipment, like printers or touch screens.  

Speak Up 

The risk of COVID-19 spread can only be effectively mitigated if everyone in your workplace takes a serious, active role. If you notice that your coworkers appear to be coming to work with symptoms or who are not practicing proper hygiene, don’t hesitate to notify Human Resources or your supervisor. It isn’t a matter of gossiping or tattling – it can save lives.  

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