Employee burnout is a very common issue impacting workplaces across industries – according to Gallup, 76% of employees experience burnout “sometimes,” and 28% experience it “very often.” It can negatively affect your organization due to decreased productivity, lower morale and engagement, and higher healthcare costs and absenteeism. If your team is suddenly cynical, less productive, tired, or making more mistakes, it’s time to take action. Learn more about what to do if your employees are burned out: 

Set a Positive Example

You cannot effectively lead your employees if you are also burned out, so focus on your own self-care. Ensure you are getting enough sleep, as well as taking breaks and time off. Set a positive example for your team, or else they won’t take you seriously if you seem burned out yourself. 

Communicate with Empathy

Be transparent with your team regarding the contributing factors of their burnout. Communicate with empathy and let them know you understand why they are feeling how they do. Simply having their perspectives validated can go a long way at making them feel better about their current work situations. 

Focus on Controllable Factors 

Much of what creates burnout is out of your hands, but if there is anything you can do on your end to alleviate it, take the opportunity to do so. Get to the root causes of the burnout problem. Focus on controllable factors – are there solutions you all as a team could implement? For example, if your employees feel overworked but like they can’t take time off because there’s no one to handle their tasks while they’re gone, look into cross-training or bringing on temporary employees for coverage. 

Clarify the Team Purpose 

By the time your employees have reached the verge of burnout, they have likely lost their sense of why their work has meaning and value. Having a defined reason why their work is important is a crucial aspect of engagement and job satisfaction. Work together to clarify your team’s purpose and remind one another during tough times why you all do what you do. 

Show Your Appreciation 

Sometimes a genuine “thank you” can be enough to boost your team’s spirit and make their efforts feel worthwhile. Especially in challenging or hectic times, make it a priority to show your appreciation for your employees and everything that they do. A simple compliment can make them feel recognized for the hard work they’ve put in. 

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