As coronavirus pandemic restrictions have been reduced, many people are headed back to work and understandably, may be concerned about their health and safety – especially if they live with someone who is more vulnerable to the virus. Help keep your loved ones safe and healthy as you go back to work with these tips:  

Follow Strict Protocol 

Be intentional about mitigating your risk of coming into contact with virus particles in the workplace. Follow strict protocol for health and safety: 

    • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer whenever you’ve had to touch a shared surface. 
    • Wear a mask. 
    • Keep your distance from others. 
    • Clean any shared surfaces, such as office supplies or equipment.   

Practice Self-Care 

Don’t solely focus on your physical health. Set aside time for yourself for stress-reducing activities, such as exercise or meditation, and simply to take a break. If you are mindful of taking care of your mental health, you will be in a better position to return home to your loved ones and give them the best version of yourself, instead of being irritable or scatterbrained. 

Set Boundaries with Personal Items  

Limit the number of personal items that you take to work with you to prevent contamination when you return home. For items that you do keep with you, such as a mobile phone, be vigilant about wiping it down with sanitizing wipes when you leave work. Consider having a bag for work items that you leave in your vehicle or garage if possible.  

Take Care on Your Commute 

If you’re taking a personal vehicle to and from work, be sure to sanitize your steering wheel and other high touch areas, especially if you were unable to sanitize your hands after leaving your workplace. For public transportation, try to keep your distance from others, wear a mask, and sanitize your hands as soon as you exit. 

Establish a Hygiene Homecoming Routine 

Among the most vulnerable times for potentially spreading any virus particles is your immediate return home from work. Establish a strict hygiene routine you follow as soon as you get home. This may include immediately changing clothes before hugging anyone, washing your hands, and wiping the doorknobs. 

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