From economic conditions changing spending habits to natural disasters impacting supply chains, businesses have always needed to be prepared to deal with and mitigate outcomes that could negatively affect their bottom lines. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more crucial for businesses to be able to adapt very quickly to make continuity possible. Flexible staffing, in which you work with a staffing agency to hire workers on a temporary, as-needed basis, may be the solution you need. Learn more about the benefits of flexible staffing:   

1. Offers a Sense of Security and Control

While you may not be able to control external circumstances, you can prevent having to commit to higher staffing levels on an ongoing basis. This ensures you are only hiring workers as permitted by business demand, which offers a sense of security and peace of mind. 

2. Boosts Productivity  

When you utilize a flexible hiring strategy, you can get more work done by hiring temporary employees during times when demand is higher (but unlikely to sustain long enough to justify a full-time hire). This can also help keep productivity on track if your permanent employees are out on sick leave, quarantine, or taking vacation time.   

3. Reduces Turnover Rates 

Employee burnout is a common problem in the workplace, especially in the midst of uncertain times. Prevent losing the engagement and productivity of your best employees with flexible staffing. Rather than relying on making your employees work overtime, and putting them at risk of burnout (which also increases the chance of them getting sick and having to take time off anyway), hire temporary employees to alleviate the workload during busy times. 

4. Improves the Quality of Hires 

When you work with a staffing agency for flexible staffing for your team, you get the benefit of their expertise and vested interest in the success of the hires rather than doing it yourself. This improves the quality of the temporary employees that are hired because the staffing agency not only knows how to effectively assess prospective candidates, but also wants to ensure you are completely satisfied.  

5. Saves on Staffing Costs 

Hiring new employees requires more expenditures than their hourly pay – the costs of advertising the new position, performing pre-employment background screenings, and training can also add up. With a flexible hiring strategy, you save on staffing costs by paying one rate to the staffing agency to handle all of those tasks for you.  

6. Provides Opportunity to Hire in Different Areas of Expertise 

There may be times in which you don’t currently have a position that requires a specific skill set, but that may be useful in the short term, such as for a specific project. If you hire employees on a temporary basis, you can bring in different areas of expertise than your current team possesses. Plus, if you were undecided about the need for creating a new position, this can be a way to test the need for it without commitment.  

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