The COVID-19 pandemic has become widely considered as a comprehensive experiment in remote work on a larger scale, as many companies have transitioned their employees to working from home as a safety measure. A major concern for managers may be that employees won’t be productive without supervision – however, fortunately this isn’t typically the case. In fact, according to a May/June survey from Harvard Business Review, remote work has resulted in 9% more time performing high priority tasks (such as directly interacting with customers/clients) and 12% less time wasted in large meetings. Learn more about how remote employees can be as productive, if not more, than in-office employees: 

Reduced Commute

Since remote employees don’t have to commute to the workplace, they have more time available to get work done. Plus, commuting can be a stressful start to the day, especially dealing with traffic or public transit delays, so it can take employees time to transition into a productive mindset. Eliminating the inconvenience of the commute allows workers the ability to dive right into their tasks for the day.  

Fewer Distractions  

It may seem like there are more distractions while working from home, but the workplace actually comes with a great deal of interruptions throughout the day that can impact productivity. Examples include colleagues popping by unannounced to ask for assistance with seemingly urgent yet low impact tasks and extended water cooler small talk. Working in the office can disrupt employees when they are in a state of flow and be in a more reactive state, rather than proactively focusing on work that truly matters.  

Lower Rate of Illness 

Remote workers tend to be healthier than in-office workers, which improves their productivity. Since they aren’t around a lot of people throughout the day, they are less likely to catch viruses and require sick time off. Plus, remote workers may have more time to move and get steps in and eat better because of the saved time due to their lack of commute, which can boost their immune systems.  

Higher Job Satisfaction 

The more that employees enjoy their jobs, the more productive they are because they are engaged with their work and truly want to perform above and beyond. Work-life balance is a major factor in job satisfaction, and remote workers generally enjoy the flexibility that comes with not being in the office. Plus, they can create a work environment that is most personally conducive to their productivity and comfort.  

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