The employers who are the most desirable to the most-in demand candidates generally have a strong company culture. In order to be a company that gets top talent excited about the prospect of working for, you must prioritize cultivating a positive work environment. Learn more about how to create a company culture that attracts top talent:  

 Focus on Clarity and Consistency   

The key to a culture that is appealing to candidates is authenticity. Don’t try to make your company something it’s not – instead, focus on clarity and consistency. Determine your company’s mission and core values, and then ensure they are the foundation for decision-making and employer branding. Whether you’re creating a new policy or posting a job opening, always ask yourself if it’s promoting the culture you want to build.  

Keep Employee Needs in Mind   

The best source of information regarding building a strong company culture to attract top talent is your current employees. Be open to feedback – proactively reach out, whether an anonymous form or in-person conversation, and ask about their job satisfaction, professional goals and how well the company is helping them make progress, etc. Use this input to make necessary improvements for employee happiness to organically strengthen your culture and increase the chances that employees will serve as ambassadors and refer their qualified contacts to apply for openings.   

 Make Your Hiring Practices More Inclusive    

If you want to compete with other companies to attract the most in-demand candidates, you must make your hiring practices as inclusive as possible. Diversity is often a key core value for many organizations, but it is undermined by a lack of support for certain demographics through company policies. For example, a company culture that only rewards those who come in early, stay late, and rarely take vacation is going to alienate workers with personal responsibilities (such as working parents) and cost you valuable perspectives.   

Offer flexibility with scheduling, generous paid time off, and remote work options to appeal to as wide of a range of prospective candidates as possible and naturally increase a variety of types of employees.   

Offer Growth Opportunities   

Constant turnover is a major hindrance to a positive company culture as a revolving door of employees can’t grow the company or feel a true sense of engagement and identity as a team member. To counteract this, as well as strengthen your employer brand to prospective candidates, offer growth opportunities for professional development. Communicate a clear path to achieving their goals within the company, rather than them having to go elsewhere to gain new skills or land promotions.  

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