Technology may be a major source of distraction, or it can greatly improve your productivity – it just depends on how you utilize it. Productivity apps can help you free up some mental space, get organized, and accomplish more. Maximize your productivity at work with these five apps:  

1. Evernote  

It’s hard to stay organized if you jot down notes randomly on scraps of paper, so a note-taking app like Evernote can make your professional life a lot easier. From meeting notes to brainstorming to your To-Do list, being able to store all of your notes in one place ensures that you don’t waste valuable time hunting for key information you wrote down “somewhere,” since Evernote allows you to search for words not only in documents themselves, but even ones that are handwritten or on images.  

2. Calm  

A major factor in productivity is your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. A relaxation app, such as Calm, can help you manage stress, which in turn can help you take better care of your body and improve your work performance. Taking consistent, scheduled breaks can help you be more productive because you don’t get fatigued, and you can use Calm to participate in relaxation breathing exercises, light stretching, or short meditations to help you come back to work refreshed and better able to focus.   

3. Todoist  

It’s well-established that a To-Do list is key to productivity and keeping you on track and proactively working on impactful tasks, rather than reactively tackling tasks as they come your way. A To-Do list app, such as Todoist, allows you to manage all of your tasks in one spot, from organizing to prioritizing to setting deadlines with notifications. It also helps you keep track of all of the sub-tasks related to a larger project so nothing gets missed, and you stay on track.   

4. Focus To-Do    

Procrastination is a productivity killer, and the root cause is often a lack of motivation tied to feeling overwhelmed or unable to focus. The key to fighting procrastination and improving your productivity is consistency, and taking the first small step to get started. A focus app like Focus To-Do can help you be more efficient through the Pomodoro Technique, in which you set a timer for a designated amount of time (typically 25 minutes) followed by a short break. When you’re dreading tasks, you can set the app’s timer and focus on it until the interval is over. This helps you gain confidence (i.e., “That wasn’t so difficult for me after all!”) and prevents multi-tasking, which can cause you to constantly be busy, but not have much output to show for it.   

5. RescueTime

If you struggle to understand where your time goes or have issues with distractions, a time-tracking app like RescueTime can help you gather the necessary data to help you determine your problem areas and develop solutions. It can monitor what apps and websites you spend your time on and allows you to label each according to their level of productivity. Then, it creates reports for you to view so you can get an overall picture and then set goals accordingly to limit your time on unproductive sites or apps and increase your time on ones you consider more helpful to your productivity.   

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