2020 has been a particularly challenging year, so this holiday season, it’s more important than ever to keep your team’s morale up. Taking the time and effort to express your gratitude to your employees can help them realize their hard work truly matters and is valued. Check out these thoughtful ways to show your staff appreciation this holiday season:  

Write a Personal Note   

One of the main causes of low morale among employees is a lack of acknowledgement from leadership, especially on an individual level. Take the time to write personal notes to each of your employees and thank them for their specific contributions. Try to be as detailed as possible to really make them feel noticed and special.   

Provide Public Recognition   

A thoughtful way to show your appreciation to your team this holiday season is to provide public recognition. Whether it’s a quick speech in a company meeting, a video you put together, or even just a group email – expressing in a public setting (especially in front of higher-level leadership) how thankful you are for your team can validate their hard work.  

Give Them More Time Off  

If it’s feasible, the gift of free time will undoubtedly be very well-received by your team as a way to thank them for all that they do. Consider offering extra paid time off or letting employees pick a day to leave early so they can relax and enjoy some holiday time at home off the clock.   

Treat Them to a Meal   

During the hectic holiday season, having a meal they didn’t have to plan or pay for can be a very welcome gift. Show your gratitude by bringing in a catered meal for those working in the office. If you have remote working employees, you could arrange for delivery or provide a gift card that could be used for them to treat themselves to a meal.   

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