Goal setting is crucial for preventing complacency, and the fresh start of a new year is the ideal time to reassess your long-term career objectives. The way you set your goals will significantly influence whether or not you succeed. Set realistic and achievable career goals in 2021 with these tips:   

Get Specific 

A major issue with goal setting is that people often make them too broad and vague, which can make it difficult to figure out what actions to take. Get specific when setting your goals – they should be clearly defined, such as “I want to get promoted to XYZ position” versus “I want to advance my career.”  

Make it Measurable  

Measuring your progress can make you more likely to succeed in reaching a goal because you get feedback that what you’re doing is or isn’t working. To set a realistic goal, figure out a way to make it measurable. For example, in the aforementioned goal of landing a promotion, you could measure how many times you volunteer to take on new tasks or projects or track any feedback you receive from current leadership.  

Determine Your “Why?” 

When your initial motivation wears off, what will actually keep you going to achieve your goals is having a personal reason for why you want to. Determine your “why?” by reflecting on the importance of the goal to you and how it would positively impact you or those around you – such as, “I want to get a promotion so I can provide more financial stability for my children.” If you get tempted to give up, a deeply personal “why?” can help you persevere.   

Develop Your Plan  

Once you have set your goals, you’re not quite done: you have to develop a plan for taking actionable steps toward achieving them. Break down your major goal into the absolute smallest sub-goals as you can. Then, clarify the steps in order needed to accomplish them. Decide when you will fit in time for working toward your goals and then get it on your schedule, whether that’s a specific day per week you block out or even just a 15 minute block in the morning – as long as it’s consistent, you will move closer to your goal.  

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