After an unprecedentedly challenging year, 2021 especially feels like a clean slate for many people. However, just because your employees’ motivation levels may be high, that alone isn’t sustainable for keeping them on track to accomplish their goals. Learn more about how to help your team achieve their 2021 goals:    

Collaborate for Clarity   

You can’t effectively support your employees’ endeavors if you don’t have a clear idea of their goals. Collaborate with your employees to help them set goals – brainstorm together regarding what’s most important to them, what their personal and professional values are, what motivates them, etc. Once you and your employees have gained clarity on their goals, you can narrow down the ones on which to focus on achieving.   

Develop Small Milestones  

Lofty goals can be intimidating to tackle, even for the most ambitious of your employees. Make goals feel more within reach to your team by developing small milestones. Break down the main goals into smaller actionable steps. As your employees accomplish these smaller milestones, they can realize they are making progress, even if the finish line to the main goal completion feels so far away. These smaller milestones can give them a confidence boost to keep your team going.   

Provide Opportunities for Growth  

Goals should ideally encourage your employees to stretch their current skill sets. Provide opportunities for your team to grow professionally in order to help them make progress on their goals. If you prioritize short-term needs to the detriment of their professional development, they won’t be able to get closer to achieving their goals. Build in the time for employees to take on work that is beyond the scope of their daily tasks but will allow them to gain experience related to their goals.   

Check-in Regularly  

A main reason goals are not achieved is because of a lack of accountability. Keep your employees on track with their goals by checking in regularly with them, such as quarterly or monthly meetings, where you discuss the current status of their milestones and address any challenges that have arisen, and give advice and support.   

Celebrate Progress  

Maintaining motivation can be challenging, especially when the end goal is still far into the future. Help your employees stay on track to achieve their goals by celebrating their progress. Whenever they accomplish a smaller milestone, make a big deal out of it. Congratulate them with a nice message, or give them a token gift as a small reward to make them smile and keep going onto the next milestone.   

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